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UG NX3 3D CAD applied to product design

1 Kaima nanchai 3D CAD application background

Nanchang Kaima Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanchang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.) is referred to as "Kaima nanchai", which is currently the leading manufacturer of diesel engines in China. Its main products include more than 200 varieties and specifications of 2105A, X105, X110, NC110, nk115 series diesel engines and diesel generator sets. The power of diesel engine ranges from 17.7kw to 147kw, and the power of diesel generator set ranges from 5kW to 500kW. The products are widely used in engineering machinery, ships, power stations, combine harvesters, tractors and other industries, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and so on, with an annual sales of 300 million yuan. Our company, founded in 1955, has a long history of diesel engine design and manufacturing. Our products have won the national quality award, the national scientific and technological progress award, and the ministerial and provincial excellent product award. With the continuous development of enterprises, the market has higher and higher requirements for product performance, more and more product varieties, shorter and shorter product development cycle. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the design and manufacturing costs, and the technical development work is facing continuous challenges. With the development of enterprise information construction, we first used two-dimensional CAD design software in our design work, and then introduced Kaimu CAPP and PDM software. The means of product design and product data management have been greatly improved. This year, our company also introduced UG NX3 three-dimensional CAD software. The indicators of product design means have been completed well, and the design efficiency has made a qualitative leap

2. The selection process of Kema nanchai software

the competition in the diesel engine industry is becoming increasingly fierce. The means of product development and the speed of product upgrading will have a crucial impact on the development of enterprises, which cannot be separated from the three-dimensional development platform. To this end, our company has established a "3D CAD project team" headed by the deputy general manager, which is responsible for the research, selection, implementation, promotion and application of 3D CAD software to ensure the successful implementation of the "3D CAD project". At present, foreign MCAD software occupies the mainstream and dominant position in China's MCAD market. Through the development in recent years, MCAD products represented by CAXA and solid 3000 have emerged in China, but there is still a big gap with foreign MCAD software in terms of software architecture and software maturity, especially in the system level digital design and manufacturing process of complex products. At present, foreign MCAD is mainly divided into four pedigrees: first, French Dassault company and American IBM company series products: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Solidworks, etc. 2、 PTC, pro/engineering. 3、 UGS company in the United States, UGNX, I-DEAS and solidege are the MCAD representatives of the company. 4、 Autodesk, MDT, inventor

from the perspective of function, 3D software is divided into three grades: high-end, middle-end and low-end to meet the needs of different users. High end products include UG, pro/e, CATIA, etc; There is solid at the middle end, which has high fracture toughness and tensile strength no less than that of 2024-T3 alloy rmge, Solidworks, inventor, etc; At the low end, there are MDT, CAXA, solid 3000, etc

combined with the characteristics of our company's diesel engine, the application of CAD software in the diesel engine industry and the company's budget in 3D CAD projects, we finally selected UG NX3 3D CAD software. Then, we contacted several UG agents. Considering the qualifications, enterprise background, successful cases and the feasibility of their schemes, we finally chose Shanghai TONGJIE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. as our partner

3. In order to make the company better implement the UG NX3 3D CAD project, as an information supervisor, I first learned UG NX3 by myself, and actively sought the help of software agents, so as to have a macro understanding of UG NX3 and make technical preparations for software module configuration and software training content in the future. Shanghai TONGJIE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. gave us great help. Software suppliers provide basic training for the company's technicians and advanced training for UG system administrators. UG system administrators establish UG seed files, set up a unified user default environment, and establish UG modeling specifications, which are widely supported and applied by technicians. UG seed files should include: layer settings, linetype, color, text font and character set, reference set, part file attributes, expressions, precision, etc. Set the unified user default environment. First, set the UG default setting that conforms to the national standard on a computer, export this setting to a file (*.dpv), and then import this file at each UG site to ensure the unified UG default modeling environment. UG modeling specification is a standard that technicians must always implement when applying UG modeling. UG modeling specification includes the sum of modeling, assembly, drawing, data inspection, etc., in which modeling (including assembly modeling) and drawing specification are the core content to ensure the correctness of 3D model data, the relevance and consistency of design, the feasibility of model, the reliability of data, and the integrity of design data

4. Kema nanchai NX software in the process of new product development and application

u the cause of this fault is that the contact point of the reversing switch is burned and ablated. G NX3 pays more attention to the coordinated work of the team. In practical application, the design of the new product nc6110g-22 diesel engine has been basically completed by using the virtual assembly technology of UG. In the design process, the top-down design method is taken as the main line, and the bottom-up design method is appropriately combined to complete the whole design process from the whole to the part. The whole product design process is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 nc6110g-22 diesel engine modeling technology route

strictly implement UG modeling specifications in the design process of nc6110g-22 diesel engine, and control the quality of the model to meet the following basic requirements:

* Correctness: the model should accurately reflect the design intent, and there should be no ambiguity about the technical requirements of its content. We should establish a new design concept of "manufacturing oriented", fully consider the application requirements of downstream users such as mold design and process manufacturing, and basically match the actual processing process

* correlation and consistency: apply the principle and method of the main model to carry out relevant parametric modeling, correctly reflect the internal correlation of the data, and ensure the uniqueness, consistency and correct transmission of the three-dimensional model data in the product data chain

* feasibility: the model can be modified, and the whole modeling process of building a domestic leading and international advanced silicon carbide semiconductor industry and optoelectronic industry cluster can be played back. Models can be reused and interoperated. Reusability and interoperability are important characteristics derived from usability

* reliability: the model has passed the geometric quality inspection of UG, the topological relationship is correct, the entities are strictly connected, and there are no holes inside, no cracks outside, and no small steps. The size of the model file is effectively controlled. The model does not contain redundant features, empty groups and other expired features, and can always be opened correctly under any circumstances

nc6110g-22 diesel engine digital prototype is shown in Figure 2 and figure 3. Using UG NX3 to build nc6110g-22 digital prototype can directly reflect the composition of product structure; Can accurately obtain the weight of parts; It can easily check the interference of parts; It can automatically generate 2D and 3D associated engineering drawings

through the successful implementation of UG NX3 3D CAD project, our company won the honorary title of "3D CAD application demonstration enterprise" in Jiangxi Province, which provides a strong impetus for enterprises to further expand CAD application and accelerate the pace of enterprise informatization

Figure 2 front view of nc6110g-22 Diesel Engine 3 back view of nc6110g-22 diesel engine

5 Further prospect of Kaima nanchai technology informatization construction

UG NX3 is an integrated high-end software with close integration of cad/cae/cam/plm. To master UG NX3, you must go through necessary technical training and practical exercise. 3D CAD projects should also be gradually improved according to the guiding ideology of "demand driven, benefit driven, overall planning, and step-by-step implementation"

the three-dimensional model and virtual assembly model of parts are the basis of the digital prototype of products. Motion simulation analysis, structural mechanics analysis, advanced rendering, cam and manageable digital development environment (PLM) will expand the direction of Kema nanchai's technology informatization construction, help to solve the technical problems of parts from design to production, so as to shorten the product development cycle Reduce production costs and optimize product performance

6. The Enlightenment of this project

the application of UG NX3 3D CAD software in nc6110g-22 diesel engine is a meaningful attempt to improve work efficiency and work quality by using advanced software technology in our company's design work, which makes the design work vivid, intuitive and efficient. At present, 3D CAD software has been more and more widely used in mechanical design. We haven't used 3D CAD software for a long time, and there are still many areas to be improved. Through the implementation of the project, we have the following experience:

* the principle of specification before design should be followed

* the three-dimensional model is the core data of UG NX3, which should adhere to the principle of main model modeling

* take products as the center and choose CAD software with a wide range of industry users

* software implementation is gradual, and corresponding software modules are purchased according to the implementation stage

* choose CAD software suppliers with technical strength and a wide range of successful customers. (end)

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