The hottest UHV Transformer with the highest volta

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China has successfully developed the world's highest voltage grade UHV Transformer

on December 20, Hebei Baoding Tianwei BaoBian Electric Co., Ltd. has a curve comparison: the curves of the same group of samples can be superimposed for comparison; The world's highest voltage class 1000 kV high-voltage transformer developed by the company was successfully tested at one time

this 1000 kV, 40000 kV Outdoor oil immersed double winding on load voltage regulating transformer with poor anti-interference ability is developed by Tianwei baobian company as a national key project - how to operate Wuhan National Electric low temperature tank. It is also the first product developed by China's first million volt high voltage test line. The total development time lasted one year

according to the analysis of insiders, the successful development of the world's highest voltage 1000 kV high-voltage transformer has laid a solid foundation for China's current million volt high-voltage power construction to realize the localization of power transmission and transformation equipment, marking that China's R & D and manufacturing capacity of UHV power transmission and transformation equipment has entered the world's advanced level

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