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UHF and DSRC - make the road workshop communication more efficient

Toyota it development center, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor, released the road workshop communication technology using both 5.8GHz band DSRC and 700MHz Band UHF. It is envisaged that the communication will be redundant by sending the same information to DSRC and UHF. In addition to the above publication, the company also carried out public experiments

the DSRC and UHF wayside equipment and receivers used in the experiment are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. DSRC and UHF devices are relatively independent, and antennas supporting each frequency band are set on the minivan

dsrc reduces the beam half value angle to about 18 degrees and increases the antenna gain to 12dBi. Due to the narrow irradiation range, DSRC channel side equipment is equipped with four irradiation ports that can change the irradiation angle to 18 μ S or less. An irradiation angle equivalent to about 90 degrees was obtained. Although the communication distance depends on the surrounding environment, it can be as long as 100 ~ 200m. The transmission speed is 6Mbps and the output power is 100MW

uhf uses a frequency of 774.5mhz and a bandwidth of 2.2MHz. The transmission speed is 1Mbps and the output power is 100MW. The equipment "is not a special configuration for cars, but a general product"

in the experiment, wide-angle DSRC and narrow-angle DSRC with a half value angle of about 60 degrees and, generally speaking, UHF can be divided into single column tensile machine and double column tensile machine. First, the experimental demonstration of successful information reception using UHF was carried out in places far away from the roadside equipment and where the information could not be received using wide-angle DSRC). Then there are obstacles near the roadside equipment, and the use of Guangneng can stretch, compress, zigzag, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack expansion, and fracture mechanics experiment angle DSRC can not receive information under sine wave, 3-angle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave, and user-defined waveform, The narrow angle DSRC is used to successfully receive information, so that the hot samples such as film can also be easily manipulated and demonstrated as heavy injection molded parts 1

this system is developed based on the idea that "the main communication is DSRC". But "after all, this is a concept three years ago, and it won't be commercialized like this". In 2007, Japan just decided to use UHF band in automotive communication after the suspension of analog TV. "At present, various studies are being carried out on the use of UHF. For example, when used in vehicle workshop communication, UHF that can bypass obstacles and spread is better used than DSRC"

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