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UHV will receive an investment of 270 billion yuan in the next five years

according to the plan recently announced by the State Power Corporation, China will build three vertical, three horizontal and one ring roads and 11 UHV DC transmission projects by 2015. It is expected that the UHV investment in China will reach more than 270 billion yuan in the next five years

industry experts pointed out that the construction of UHV will have a positive impact on the power equipment manufacturing industry, and it is also a prelude to the development of strong smart electricity in the future

three verticals, three horizontals and one ring cost 270 billion

the so-called three verticals refers to: Ximeng Nanjing, Zhangbei Nanchang are undoubtedly great business opportunities, and three vertical UHV communication channels in Northern Shaanxi and Changsha, through which power is transmitted to Sanhua from Ximeng, Mengxi, Zhangbei and Northern Shaanxi Energy bases; Three horizontal refers to three horizontal UHV AC channels: Weifang in the west of Inner Mongolia, Xuzhou in the middle of Shanxi, and Ya'an in the south of Anhui. Coal power in the north and hydropower in the southwest use this line to transmit power to North China, central China and the Yangtze River Delta UHV ring. The first ring is Huainan Nanjing Taizhou Suzhou Shanghai Zhebei Wannan Huainan Yangtze River Delta UHV double ring

by 2020, the UHV network in China will be more expanded. With UHV synchronous power in North China, East China and central China (Sanhua) as the center, UHV power in Northeast China and 750 kV power in Northwest China as the transmission end, and major coal power bases, large hydropower bases, large nuclear power bases and large renewable energy bases as the connection, a picture of strong and intelligent electricity in the country is presented to the world

traditional advantageous enterprises will still carve up the cake

affected by the positive impact of the 12th Five Year UHV investment plan issued by State Grid, the share prices of relevant listed companies rose yesterday, and the individual stocks of the sector were almost all red

as soon as the market opened yesterday, the power equipment sector soared. As of the close, Northeast Electric rose by the limit, followed by Pinggao electric, up 8%, and long march electric, Shenzhen Huicheng and sanbian technology recorded increases of 6.5%, 5.9% and 5.5% respectively

industry analysts said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the national power investment will tilt towards UHV, with an investment of more than 270 billion yuan more than 10 times that of the 20billion yuan invested in the 11th five year plan. A few enterprises that have provided infinite potential for UHV design and fair pressure engineering manufacturing equipment will enjoy a unique landscape

industry analysts speculate that the biggest beneficiaries will be Pinggao electric and XJ electric, which are included in the company. The former is the beneficiary of AC lines, while the latter is the beneficiary of DC lines

however, opponents said that China's smart power construction will still be the traditional effective experimental width: 400mm power equipment suppliers will benefit, especially those enterprises that have formed an advantageous competitive position

for energy conservation and smart electricity

according to the general law, the lower the voltage level, the farther the transmission distance, the easier the power will be lost in the transmission process, and UHV seems to provide a good solution to break this bottleneck

Western China is rich in hydropower, but the use of electricity has to be transmitted to the eastern region thousands of kilometers away. The construction of UHV lines has a good prospect in hydropower transmission. Cao Guangjing, chairman of the Three Gorges group, said that at present, the hydropower development volume in Sichuan and Yunnan is more than 100million kW, but the transmission distance has reached 2000-3000 kilometers

in addition to energy-saving functions, UHV also paves the way for China's future development of smart electricity. Li Liwu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, told this newspaper that UHV not only has the effect of saving energy, but also will provide sufficient support for smart electricity, which is also the reason why the strong smart electricity advocated by the state puts the word "strong" in front of it

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