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The UHV concept rose against the market, the country issued a work plan, and the UHV construction entered a substantive stage

on March 13, affected by the sharp decline of the peripheral stock market, the stock indexes of the two cities adjusted significantly, and the plates of the two cities fell generally. The UHV concept bucked the market and strengthened. As of press time, China energy planning, Tongguang cable, Tongda shares, China XD, Jingwei Huikai, Pinggao electric, hancable shares and other companies rose by the limit, while TBEA rose nearly 9%

in terms of news, recently, the state-owned company issued the preliminary work plan for key power projects in 2020, prepared the preliminary work plan for UHV and cross provincial 500kV AC and DC projects in 2020, and planned a total dynamic investment of 107.3 billion for 5 AC, 2 DC and 13 other key projects, including 33.9 billion UHV AC, 57.7 billion DC and 13.7 billion other projects (the three newly added UHV projects are in the preliminary stage and have not been included in the statistical scope), UHV project has entered the stage of substantial promotion. At the same time, it puts forward requirements for the preliminary work plan of 330~750kv power projects of provincial power companies

Soochow Securities pointed out that in terms of UHV DC, the two unapproved "Baihetan Jiangsu" and "Baihetan Zhejiang" projects among the five DC lines accelerated in September 18 will be approved in June and December this year respectively. The dynamic investment of the two lines will be 30.7 billion/27 billion respectively, which will bring orders for main equipment of billion, which will be confirmed in, which is in line with expectations. In addition, Guochao expected to add "Jinshan hydropower transmission project" The three lines of "Longdong Shandong project" and "Hami Chongqing project" are expected to complete the pre feasibility study in June this year and carry out integrated bidding for scientific research and design after being incorporated into the unified national power planning. It is expected that the three new lines will bring a total investment of billion yuan and orders for main equipment of more than 12billion yuan, greatly increasing the continuity of orders for main equipment suppliers.

"Nanyang Jingmen Changsha", "Nanchang Changsha", "Wuhan Jingmen" "Zhumadian therefore takes this opportunity to learn about the classification of strain curves of tensile testing machine Wuhan" and "Wuhan Nanchang" five UHV exchange projects are planned to be approved in March, June, September, October and December respectively, which are in line with expectations. The exchange project is steadily advancing, with a total dynamic investment of 33.9 billion. It is expected to bring the main equipment order 65. The least used materials will reach the maximum protection of products -8.5 billion

Soochow Securities said that driven by the drive of infrastructure construction + the appointment of a new Commander + the end of the 13th five year plan, the investment in electricity is expected to exceed expectations. It is expected that the actual investment this year is expected to reach more than 450 billion, exceeding the 408 billion previously planned. UHV is the focus of power investment. In September, 2018, the energy administration accelerated the promotion of five direct and seven direct lines, approved two direct and one direct and two direct lines in the same year, and approved one direct and two direct lines in the first half of 19. It is relatively blank in the second half of 19. The national 2020 work plan clearly states that the remaining six lines of two direct and four direct lines will be approved this year (that is, two direct and five direct lines in this document, some lines overlap), bringing more than 100 billion investment and nearly 20 billion main equipment orders; The document requires frequent replacement of samples, which leads to the substantial stage of UHV construction. At the same time, three extra direct lines are added more than expected, which increases the order sustainability of DC equipment suppliers. Recommend leading Guodian Nari, pay attention to XJ electric, Pinggao electric, Siyuan electric and Changgao group in the elastic standard, and pay attention to long cable technology, TBEA, China XD and baobian electric in the UHV standard

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