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UFIDA Software: chemical industry letter 1 circle golden coil information solution

at present, chemical industry enterprises are facing greater transformation pressure. In the past, the low factor prices of labor, crude oil, coal, electricity, land and other resources connived at the extensive business model of chemical enterprises with high energy consumption and low added value, and hindered the pace of enterprises and industries to enhance competitiveness, form independent brands and self innovation ability by improving technology and efficiency. Moreover, the contradiction between pollution caused by energy consumption and the limited capacity of the ecological environment has become increasingly prominent, The cost of resources and environment for production growth is very high, and energy conservation and environmental protection work has a long way to go

in order to develop an enterprise, constantly improving the added value of products is an important strategy to improve the company's income. At present, the global competition is increasingly fierce, and the most important way to achieve high added value is innovation. Informatization is an important part of enterprise management innovation. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to realize comprehensive informatization of enterprises with the help of ERP system

u8all in one chemical industry solutions came into being

at present, many chemical industry enterprises have implemented some ERP systems, but most of them are in the simple application state of the financial supply chain, or adopt systems from different manufacturers, such as measurement system, MES system, human resources system, CRM system, OA office automation system. Information transmission cannot be carried out between various systems, resulting in information islands, Thus, the application value of informatization is greatly reduced. How to effectively solve the current enterprise informatization application problems not only points out the direction for the development of China's automotive industry, UFIDA has put forward an overall and comprehensive informatization solution for the chemical industry, and the u8all in one chemical industry solution that comprehensively integrates u8erp, CRM products, OA products, MES systems, human resources and e-commerce systems came into being

China's plastic extruder industry is moving forward healthily and persistently. U8all in one chemical industry solution helps enterprises realize comprehensive informatization

u8all in one chemical industry solution integrates advanced management ideas and management concepts, and combines the enterprise's own personalized management characteristics to establish an information platform suitable for the characteristics of the chemical industry

1. Establish an integrated supply chain management system of bulk raw materials and fuels, quality inspection, comprehensive materials, sales and shipping

bulk raw materials are strategic materials of chemical enterprises, and their procurement costs account for 50%-80% of the total material procurement costs of enterprises. For a long time, due to the large consumption of bulk raw materials, complex components, backward management and measurement and inspection methods, the management has been relatively extensive. Therefore, There is a lot of room for cost reduction to carry out refined management from the logistics link of bulk materials

in addition to bulk raw materials, the refined management of spare parts, the refined management of products in sales and circulation, etc. have great achievements. The experience of successful enterprises tells us that the establishment of an integrated supply chain management and control system integrating supply, production and marketing can bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises

2. The management and control integrated manufacturing management system combining management and process control integrates ERP system with MES production control system, which can effectively use real-time on-site production data. It can not only dynamically monitor production operation, but also dynamically calculate consumption and energy consumption, which is of practical significance to plan optimization, equipment management, cost management, performance evaluation, etc. in the production process. Building a "management and control integrated manufacturing management system" is the only way for the future informatization of the chemical industry

3. The financial business integrated management system with automatic processing and early warning tracking

from a series of processes such as raw material procurement, product production, commodity sales and transportation, material flow is accompanied by changes in capital and costs. At the same time of business processing, business information is dynamically and accurately automatically transformed into financial information expressed in terms of cost, expense, profit, income, capital, etc., that is, the "integrated financial business management system", which can help enterprise managers dynamically analyze the implementation of business objectives, timely control the financial and profit status of enterprises, and prevent business risks

4. Equipment management system centered on spot inspection and prevention

equipment is very important for every enterprise, but it has unusual significance for chemical enterprises. Because the characteristics of high continuity, high risk and high consumption in the production of chemical enterprises determine that the integrity and safe and smooth operation of equipment are extremely important. An abnormal shutdown of equipment and an accident may ruin the future of the whole enterprise. To improve the equipment integrity rate, improve the start-up rate and reduce the leakage rate, it is necessary to carefully maintain each equipment, establish a "equipment management system centered on spot inspection and prevention", eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud, improve the input, which can provide the relevant information output rate of metal and alloy materials' response to mechanical load, and reduce the production cost

5. Financial management system focusing on cost control and cash flow management

for every 10% reduction in cost, the profit can be increased by 100%. Cost reduction is the most direct and effective way to improve enterprise profits. The method of cost control is to first refine cost accounting, then establish control standards, accurately analyze differences, and find weak links for improvement

cash is paramount and cash is king. Doing a good job in cash forecasting, cash revenue and expenditure planning, and reasonable fund allocation can not only ensure the healthy operation of enterprises and provide sufficient cash flow, but also save capital costs for enterprises

therefore, "financial management focusing on cost control and cash flow management" is the eternal theme of enterprises. The cost is lower than that of competitors, which is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises

6. Human resource management system centered on human capital appreciation

any business activity of an enterprise cannot be separated from people. It is necessary to fully mobilize people's enthusiasm and creativity, and make people's behavior comply with the company's interests. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out refined management of human resources, that is, "human resource management system centered on human capital appreciation"

as a manager, on the one hand, he should take charge of the basic information, training, contracts, skills and mobility of employees, and cherish human resources; On the other hand, we should also make clear rewards and penalties, formulate practical performance indicators, speak with data, link treatment to performance, and other measures to ensure that enterprises achieve their business objectives

7. Energy management system focusing on energy conservation and consumption reduction

the chemical industry is a high-energy consumption industry. It is necessary to establish an "energy management system focusing on energy conservation and consumption reduction", dynamically grasp the energy consumption, leakage, operation and maintenance of equipment, timely analyze and improve, and finally reduce energy consumption

8. Information management system centered on knowledge sharing

through the collaborative office system, the establishment of "information management system centered on knowledge sharing" can eliminate information islands, eliminate information barriers between departments, and ensure that the will of enterprise managers is transmitted to the grass-roots level; It can ensure that the grass-roots information can be fed back to the decision-makers in time, so that the whole enterprise can operate efficiently, improve the response speed of the enterprise to the market and risk events, reduce losses and improve earnings

u8 all in one chemical industry solution provides a guarantee for enterprises to realize comprehensive information application and management innovation, and will certainly bring happier application experience and greater application value to customers in the chemical industry

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