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UHV industry has a large space for development, and the industry technology is expected to become "China's business card"

UHV, which refers to 1000kV AC or ± 800kV DC. Transmission voltage is generally divided into high voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage. Internationally, high voltage (HV) usually refers to the voltage of 35-220kV; EHV usually refers to the voltage of 330kV and above and 1000kV and below; Ultra high voltage (UHV) refers to the voltage of 1000kV and above. High voltage direct current (HVDC) usually refers to the DC transmission voltage of ± 600kV and below, and the voltage of ± 800 kV and above is called ultra-high voltage direct current transmission (UHVDC)

the UHV ± 800 kV DC transmission project, which was studied and completed by State Grid and China Southern Power Co., Ltd., won the special prize of the 2017 National Science and technology progress award on January 8. This technology is the transmission technology with the highest voltage, the largest capacity and the longest economic transmission distance that has been successfully applied in the world at present. In the construction of the "the Belt and Road", we should strengthen the promotion of this technology to make it a bright "Chinese business card" of China's "going global"

the bottleneck of UHV investment growth highlights.

according to the "analysis report on market outlook and investment strategic planning of UHV equipment industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, China's power investment market space is about 500billion yuan. The national electricity investment has increased from 250billion yuan in 2008 to nearly 500billion yuan in 2016. The investment has doubled in eight years, and the average annual compound growth rate has reached 9%. In recent years, the national electricity investment has remained above 450billion yuan. The growth rate of investment has also provided a stable decline in preforms, and the market space has remained at about 500billion yuan

the average annual compound growth rate of UHV cumulative investment was about 20% before 2012. It began to grow rapidly in 2014. In 2015, the growth rate exceeded 50%, and the growth rate peaked. In 2016, the growth rate of UHV cumulative investment fell by more than 20 percentage points year-on-year. The growth rate of UHV cumulative investment is similar to that of high-speed rail and nuclear power industries

the market space and growth rate of China's power investment in

and successfully persuaded plastic recycling company to pay a regeneration fee of $160 per ton of PS waste in the next five years.

± 800 kV DC transmission technology has obvious advantages.

the distribution of energy resources and power load in China is extremely uneven. More than 80% of energy resources are distributed in the West and North, and more than 70% of power consumption is concentrated in the East and middle. The contradiction between energy supply and economic development is prominent. Developing high-capacity, long-distance and high-efficiency transmission technology is the inevitable choice for the cross regional and large-scale optimal allocation of power energy in China

UHV ± 800 kV DC transmission project brings significant economic and social benefits. Its transmission capacity is two or three times that of ± 500 kV DC project, and the economic transmission distance is increased to 5 times, the operation reliability is improved by 8 times, the loss per unit transmission distance is reduced by 45%, the area of line corridor per unit capacity is reduced by 30%, and the cost per unit capacity is reduced by 28%

UHV DC transmission technology is internationally recognized as China's leading technology in the world. At present, only China has fully mastered this technology and has begun large-scale engineering applications. In 2010, China independently built Yunnan Guangdong and Xiangjiaba Shanghai UHV ± 800 kV DC demonstration projects. By the end of 2017, a total of 12 UHV DC transmission projects had been completed across the country, with an annual transmission capacity of more than 450 billion kwh, of which clean energy accounted for more than 80%, equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal in the eastern and central regions by 170 million tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 450 million tons per year, It is the main transmission channel of the "air pollution prevention action plan"

promote UHV technology to become "China's business card"

their UHV transmission technology theory, mechanism, engineering construction and equipment manufacturing capacity have created many records. From China's creation to China's leadership, it has occupied the commanding height of the world's electric technology. It is suggested to promote the export of electrical equipment, especially the contracting and equipment export of UHV DC transmission projects, as well as projects such as high-speed rail and "Hualong 1" nuclear power

on the one hand, UHVDC transmission technology, engineering operation design technology and China's large power operation technology are transmitted as China's business cards. China has a good technical foundation, manufacturing capacity and design capacity. According to the different needs of different countries for transmission technology, China has the ability to provide different solutions. These technical solutions can go to sea together and enhance the added value of China's "going out" products and equipment

on the other hand, continue to invest and constantly optimize the existing technology level. Since 2016, the current products used by Audi and other manufacturers are those of these companies, which undertake national key R & D projects and independently develop flexible DC transmission technology. At present, the UHV DC transmission project from Yunnan to Guangdong, which is being constructed by southern power, adopts the hybrid mode of traditional DC and flexible DC, which can improve the safety and reliability of electricity, and is the world's first

flexible DC transmission technology is the development direction of electricity in the future

this technology has higher requirements in digitalization, intelligence, but there is still no obvious improvement. We hope to get the support of relevant national departments in project approval, software and hardware research and development, talent introduction and other aspects, so that this "Chinese wisdom" has greater development space

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