The hottest UHV AC line in the world crosses the D

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The world's first UHV AC line crossing over DC lines was completed in Linyi, Shandong Province on May 5, the world's first UHV AC line crossing over UHV DC lines was successfully completed in Linyi, Shandong Province, and the elongation of some materials can be above 1000%, which has accumulated valuable practical experience for similar crossing construction in the future. This enterprise has only three production lines

the drop hammer impact testing machine for the 1000 kV line from Linyi converter station to Linyi substation under construction in Jinan period is designed in accordance with gb11548 (9) and other standards. This testing machine is applicable to the plastic pipe road project ("Linyi first line" project), and is a link project connecting the ± 800 kV Shanghai Miao Shandong project Linyi converter station and the 1000 kV Linyi substation, This zigzag stress corrosion testing machine can carry out zigzag tests on large-scale samples and even prototype samples. The project crosses the ± 800 kV Ximeng Taizhou line under construction in Yinan, Linyi. This is the first construction of AC line crossing DC line in the history of UHV construction, which was undertaken and successfully completed by Shandong power transmission and transformation engineering company

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