The hottest XCMG craftsmen can't reverse in 180 da

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[XCMG craftsman] 180 day reversal is "impossible", how can they do it

[XCMG craftsman] 180 day reversal "impossible", how can they do it

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breakthrough loader hydraulic constant variable as the world's leading supplier of special polymer materials, services and solutions, discuss system control technology, high-voltage pulse reduction of more than 50%, the world's first load signal constant variable confluence control technology, obtained 8 national invention patents, 3 utility model patents...

180 days, the constant variable second-generation platform R & D team turned the original "impossible" into reality, Promote XCMG loader hydraulic technology into the first tier of the industry. "The work of R & D personnel is to challenge technical problems that cannot be completed, and only by breaking through their previous self time after time can they stand at the forefront of technology."

go deep into the market to challenge the severe cold

the loader hydraulic constant variable system technology has gradually become the mainstream in the industry, and the differentiated competition space has been greatly compressed. There is no benchmarking precedent for technology upgrading, which is very difficult. If it is not upgraded, it will face the situation of weakening competitive advantage

in a large port in Liaoning, the minimum temperature in winter is close to minus 35 ℃, and several XCMG loaders equipped with constant variable system are nervously loading and unloading iron ore, iron concentrate powder and other "lethal" heavy-duty materials. In order to deeply understand the market and investigate customer needs, the R & D team braved the cold to rush to the local office and drove nearly 100 kilometers to the port

it was the middle of winter, and a heavy snow blocked the only road leading to the port seriously

"if you choose to take the path over the mountain, it is estimated that you can reach it in 2 hours." The local colleague in charge of service pointed to a hill not far away and said

"what are you waiting for? Take the necessary tools and testing equipment and let's go!" Zhang Anmin, the market research team leader, jumped out of the car and stepped in front. The mountain path is narrow and slippery. If you are careless, you will slip. Use your hands and feet together. Grasp the passing certificate next to it; The branches and dead grass on the side, climbing hard, a hill, walked for more than an hour

upon arrival at the port, the research team immediately took action to interview customers, collect feedback information, record the product operation process, and calculate the operation efficiency and fuel consumption. The cold sea breeze blew on his face like a knife, and his hand holding the pen was too cold to be used. Taking advantage of the driver's rest interval, he hurriedly climbed into the cab and recorded more than ten operating parameters, such as working hours, refueling records, operating volume, working condition information, etc

the team has traveled to 17 major markets in China, from ports, mines, to quarries and mixing stations, and collected more than 100 pieces of demand and feedback information, providing the most detailed first-hand information for the development and adaptability improvement of the second generation of constant variables

reverse solution breaks through the bottleneck

in the whole process of technology upgrading, independent research and development of constant variable control valve components is the top priority. The imported control valve components used in the first generation constant variable system are slightly "delicate" in the market practice. The user feedback is that the adaptability of extreme working conditions is not strong, and the maintenance cost is high... "We must take localization substitution, independent research and development, and firmly grasp the core technology". The research and development team secretly made up their minds

without relevant experience to learn from, the team anchored customer needs, benchmarked the technical parameters of imported components, used reverse engineering theory, set performance indicators, reliability indicators and cost targets of components in advance, repeatedly simplified and optimized component structure, and achieved initial results in digital modeling

"every upgrade of the hydraulic system is a major operation to start the whole body. Failure to think clearly about any detail will hinder the smooth progress of the project." Recalling the emotional state of the whole team at that time, Xie Chaoyang, the head of the team, was still fresh in his memory

after the trial production of control valve components, it immediately entered the stage of strict experimental verification. In the past two months, more than 60 parameters have been verified and optimized, and more than 800 load curves have been collected

with the assistance of senior professors from cooperative universities, after analyzing and demonstrating the test data, it is concluded that the test performance of the independently developed control valve hydraulic components is 95% of the imported components, while the cost is only 50% of the imported components, which can completely replace the imported components. At the same time, the team verified and analyzed three groups of optimal parameters from nearly 100 groups of parameters, and the successful upgrading of the second generation constant variable hydraulic system entered the final sprint stage

the difference of a millimetre pursues the extreme

"Zhang Gong, the boom lifting speed of the prototype suddenly slows down in the test, and there are obvious abnormalities." After receiving the report, Zhang Anmin quickly put down his work at hand and hurried to the test site with two team members

through comparison, under full load, the boom lifting speed has decreased by 10% compared with the previous, and the power output parameters are abnormal. "There must be something wrong with some component. Don't worry, let's check it slowly."

from the oil cylinder to the multi-channel valve, from the variable pump to the gear pump, when the unloading valve was checked, "squeak squeak", the weak abnormal sound attracted everyone's attention. It was judged that the abnormal sound was caused by the stuck operation of the unloading valve. With the assistance of professional maintenance personnel, the unloading valve was disassembled, and the size of each part was recalculated from the valve stem, valve body to valve core. It was found that the fitting gap between the valve stem and valve body was 3 microns, resulting in the valve body working for a long time. The valve core was heated and expanded, making the gap narrower, causing stagnation, weakening of hydraulic power transmission, and affecting the boom lifting speed

the problem was found. There was no time to rest. On the one hand, we contacted the supplier to improve it. On the other hand, we compiled and output the factory test standard of unloading valve from the key processes of design optimization, processing technology, assembly test and so on, and delivered it to the manufacturer and the procurement and inspection departments, and required the manufacturer and all departments to strictly follow the standard

after the improvement of components, after repeated detection and intensive tests, the parameters of the new generation of constant variable hydraulic system have exceeded the expected goals. The weight of hydraulic components has been reduced by 30%, the manufacturing cost has been reduced by 50%, and the system failure rate has been reduced by more than 70%. In the first round of the French presidential election, the key core zero, macron defeated France trump in the first round of voting, and the generalization rate of components has reached 100%. The industrialized installation voltage comparison has been realized on six categories of ton loader products Waveform comparison, static impedance comparison, output result comparison and current comparison have added important weight to the development of XCMG loader market

in the field of technological innovation, running slowly will lag behind. Crisis awareness is an important thinking of technological innovation. The constant variable R & D team has always been vigilant in times of peace, catching up, breaking through itself, and really sinking down, breaking one by one, going up the base one by one, creating its own unique core technology, forming an innovation chain, so as to help the "world-class loading machinery" really speed up and upgrade

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