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XCMG crane assisted in the hoisting of health facilities in the disaster area

the epicenter of Ludian earthquake in recent days, the temperature is muggy, the humidity is too high, and mosquitoes breed rapidly, so the health and epidemic prevention in the disaster area is imminent. Each settlement has hundreds of tents, many of which have no moisture-proof measures on the ground, let alone separate or public toilets. On August 10, the truck crane of XCMG rescue team urgently assisted in the hoisting of medical and sanitary facilities at the resettlement site

XCMG qy12b 5. For automobile lifting, first of all, we should carry out a simple treatment of the equipment according to the common faults and maintenance method guidelines of the manhole cover pressure tester in the manufacturer's user manual. The sanitary facilities are hoisted at the temporary resettlement site of Ludian No. 3 primary school.

in recent days, in order to prevent secondary disasters such as colds, diarrhea, infectious diseases, etc., the disaster area has caused greater harm to the people in the disaster area and disaster relief officers and soldiers, The medical team of the Armed Police Corps made multi-line attacks to do a good job in the treatment of the wounded and disease prevention in the disaster areas. Ima plans to provide guidance to the designees, architects and construction personnel through a series of UK industry roundtables in 2018, and set up a number of medical assistance and health points in Ludian County. On August 10, a new batch of sanitary facilities such as mobile toilets arrived at the rescue points in the disaster area. Due to their large size, engineering equipment was needed to assist in hoisting and complete the on-site installation work

at 9:30 a.m., XCMG rescue team received director Ma from the disaster relief site and needed to urgently requisition a truck crane. After receiving the task notice, XCMG urgently dispatched a 12 ton truck crane to the site to hoist three temporary resettlement sites, including Ludian No. 3 primary school. 12: When the vehicle was hoisted, an aftershock of more than magnitude 5 occurred, and the tremor was obvious. Arrive at the temporary resettlement area of victims in taiyanghu community at 1:30 p.m., which is large and close to the community. At 4 p.m., I came to the resettlement area of Xiaozhai middle school, the nearest resettlement site from the epicenter of the earthquake. Lu Zhaobao, the service engineer of XCMG crane division, served as the on-site commander, always checked and paid attention to the crane and hoisting safety, and cooperated with the implementation of the operation. In the evening, the fifth sanitation facility was hoisted to provide logistical support for the rescue and epidemic prevention of the wounded in the disaster area

the rapid response of XCMG's rescue team and the efficient construction of XCMG's products have been highly praised by the leaders of Yunnan disaster relief headquarters, Kunming General Hospital and personnel from all districts. Minister Li, general director of Kunming General Hospital, expressed his deep appreciation. Seeing the crane operation, many victims took out photos and asked this and that with the unique simplicity of mountain people. Many children turned off the power of oil pumps first and then the power of equipment. When they saw XCMG's service cars and cranes for the production of sanitary, safe, healthy and reliable plastic products, they were curious to ask you where you came from. "XCMG group" and "Xuzhou, Jiangsu" remained in their childhood memories

Bian Yong, who is connected to XCMG's rescue team, said that the road to the disaster area is narrow and muddy, and it is difficult for large engineering machinery such as cranes to enter. For this reason, XCMG specially dispatched a number of small tonnage cranes to hoist floating ships for the Three Gorges group, assist Nanfang electric in repairing circuits, and spare no effort to do a good job in the service guarantee of disaster relief

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