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XCMG crane batch delivery Philippine refinery project

1. Brief introduction of hydraulic universal testing machine for teaching in Colleges and universities XCMG crane batch delivery 1 some sock enterprises are different. Under the scorching sun of the Philippine refinery project

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with the delivery of the last batch of equipment, grove and Kato rented by customers have left the site one after another, XCMG's hoisting equipment also accounts for more than 85% of all hoisting equipment on site at this large construction site in the Philippines. Nearly 30 XCMG lifting equipment, including off-road cranes, crawler cranes and on-board cranes, have officially taken over the site

XCMG cranes are delivered in batches and the domestic and foreign markets have very strict requirements on product quality, safety performance and other aspects. Behind the Philippine refinery project is XCMG's years of technology accumulation and XCMG's excellence in customer service and support. Regardless of wind and rain, the on-site service engineers arrive at the site before 7:30 every morning, The good performance of XCMG equipment and the professionalism of XCMG overseas service engineers have won praise from customers

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