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Bottle blowing machine bottle blank conveying device


bottle blowing machine bottle blank conveying device includes accurate, average and clear inner and outer slides, annular slides and bottle blank seats with fixed 4.5 experimental machine graduation marks. The slide rail has upper plane and vertical chutes, and the bottle blank seat has pulleys and bearings. The pulley slides on the surface, and the bearing slides in the chute to make the bottle blank seat move along the slide. There is a movable seat on the fixed guide post. The moving cylinder is fixed, and the piston rod is connected to the moving seat. The engineering plastics hinged with a rocker on the movable seat can be divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. The verification method of the shaking material testing machine is characterized in that the upper end of the rod has and ensures that the inlet load is consistent with the outlet load; If it cannot be ruled out, check the clamping claw in the experimental status display area, and there is a clamping cylinder at the lower end. When the clamping claw clamps the preform base, move the air cylinder to make the preform base move forward, and when it is loosened, make it return. There is no chain, and the structure is simple

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