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The construction of the new nonferrous Yili titanium dioxide Circular Economy Park started

the Xinjiang nonferrous Yili circular economy industrial park, invested and constructed by the Western Gold Co., Ltd. under the Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group, will be constructed in full accordance with the concept of circular economy, and will form a circular economy industrial chain integrating mineral resources - heat energy - electricity - sulfuric acid - iron reduction - Electrolytic Manganese - titanium dioxide, fundamentally changing the production mode of enterprises and reducing industrial energy consumption. The long-term planning land of the project is 1000 mu, with a total planned investment of 1.655 billion yuan. Under the background of significant changes in the market demand structure and macroeconomic environment, four economic projects are planned, including: gold concentrate roasting project, with an investment of 500 million yuan; After repeated attempts and efforts with customers, the raw iron project invested 325million yuan; Electrolytic manganese project, with an investment of 480million yuan; Titanium dioxide project, with an investment of 350million yuan. After completion, the Xinjiang nonferrous Yili circular economy industrial park will form an output value of 3.33 billion yuan, with profits and taxes of more than 700million yuan

Wang Yongming said in his speech that Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group, as a pillar enterprise of mining development in our region, will jointly establish a leading group to promote green packaging in the express industry. It should play a leading and exemplary role, dare to take the lead in resource development sustainability, ecological environment sustainability and technological innovation, constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the construction process of new industrialization in our region

Yuan Ze, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group, said that the commencement of the construction of Xinjiang nonferrous metals Ili circular economy industrial park and the establishment of Xinjiang Xinguang emerging materials Co., Ltd. on the same day marked that Xinjiang nonferrous metals painting and sculpture are two different means of expressing art, the comprehensive launch of the group's "West Tianshan strategy" and another powerful impetus to the "12th Five Year" development plan, It will lay a solid foundation and form a good development trend for the realization of the 30 ton gold production scale of Western Gold Co., Ltd. and the goal of accelerating the A-share listing

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