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The construction of a new large factory of DEMAG Plastics Group in China has begun.

the senior executive of the machinery manufacturer Demag Plastics Group (DPG) said at the fakuma International Rubber and plastic exhibition in Germany in 2006 that the construction of a new large factory of DEMAG in China has begun, On the 24th, the office of the leading group for the liquidation and cancellation of small and scattered waste enterprises in Jinan will announce the list of 144 people in the city. In 2008, the full electric intelect injection molding machine will be delivered to the American customers at the main venue of the 2016 IFAM "macro policy trends". DPG also plans to gradually stop assembling the elbow bar clamping injection molding machine HT production line at its plant in Strongsville, Ohio, USA

strongsville factory will only produce Titan production line of large and medium-sized double plate injection molding machine. DPG held a press conference at fakuma2006 trade exhibition in southern Germany on October 18, and Klaus erkes, President and chief executive officer of the company, announced this decision at the meeting. Erkes said that Demag Plastic Group's machine brand is relatively single, and now all models of DPG plastic machines have adopted multi shot molding technology. In the past, plastic machines using multi shot molding were specifically listed as a brand. DPG pays particular attention to expanding the application fields of products, and has set up a special team to be responsible for major markets such as packaging, electronics, automobile and medical treatment. DPG has factories in Schwaig and wiehe in Germany, Strongsville in Ohio in the United States, China and India and other fast-growing countries. Erkes said that this makes the company an excellent supplier for multinational customers

dpg is a subsidiary of Mannesmann plastics machinery GmbH (MPM). He said, "I think we are truly globalized among all machinery manufacturers." Before fakuma trade show, DPG company just announced that it would produce Titan injection molding machine with higher clamping force in Strongsville factory. Before the spring of 2007, the company will also launch a Titan injection molding machine with a clamping force of 3300 tons. In July this year, DPG has launched a Titan injection molding machine with 2200 tons of clamping force. Finally, the company will increase the clamping force of Titan production line to 4400 tons. Erkes said at the fakuma trade show that Titan plastic machines are all produced in the Strongsville factory and sold all over the world. "You have to globalize the sales of this kind of plastic machine. It's too small for the U.S. market alone," he said At the same time, DPG's decision to stop production of HT toggle injection molding machine has become a major concern in the United States. DPG's official in Strongsville said that the company has a HT plastic machine assembly base in North America with a production capacity of about 8000 sets

Erkes, who is in charge of Schwaig's regional business, said that DPG would "gradually stop producing HT plastic machines and realize a smooth transition." But he said that HT plastic machine has "grown old". He said: "HT model has gradually fallen behind, so we hope to gradually stop its production. HT is not our future development focus, {titan injection molding machine} is." Brian bishop, President of DPG's North American business, said that at present, the company is still producing HT plastic machines, but he said that other new technologies will begin to dominate the small and medium-sized injection molding machine market, especially the all electric injection molding machine. Bishop said at the fakuma exhibition that the strongville plant will continue to produce the Newbury vertical injection molding machine series. According to previous reports, Demag Plastics Group will build a 100000 square foot injection molding machine manufacturing plant in Ningbo, China. The plant will double the area of the existing Ningbo plant. DPG has carried out this expansion after wholly owning a joint venture with Ningbo Haitian Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese injection molding machine manufacturing giant

DPG purchased the remaining 40% of the shares of the joint venture from Haitian Group last fall. Earlier this year, DPG told Plastics News that DPG would produce the first all electric injection molding machine in China at its new plant in Ningbo, while expanding its product range of other types of plastic machines. The company said that the reason for this is to reduce the price, because the price of all electric injection molding machines imported from Germany is too high in the Chinese market. Erkes said at the fakuma exhibition that the new Ningbo plant will start delivering injection molding machines to Chinese customers at the end of 2007. He said that later in 2008, the factory will also export all electric injection molding machines to the United States

now, DPG company has begun to specialize in intelect all electric injection molding machine with direct drive technology. Erkes said that the company no longer produces intelects plastic machines driven by conveyor belts and ball screws. In the past, these machines were produced in the Strongsville factory. "We only view direct drive technology as a global concept," he said Erkes said that wiehe factory will continue to supply all electric injection molding machines to DPG's European customers. He said that many powerful Japanese suppliers in the U.S. market are too sensitive to price, so the company decided to export the plastic machines produced in China to the United States. Erkes said that DPG decided to stop producing HT before the holding change of its parent company Mannesmann Plastic Machinery Group (MPM), and to produce all electric injection molding machines in China and export them to the United States. In July this year, Madison capital partners, an investment group based in Chicago, USA, acquired MPM from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts Co., a New York financing giant. He said that so far, Madison capital has not made major changes to MPM. Other MPM plastic machine brands include Krauss Maffei, Netstal and Berstorff since 2000. Erkes said, "at present, as usual, we still adopt the multi brand strategy. Everyone is implementing their own business strategies."

source: Zhonghua chemical

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