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Editor's note: Fujian power marketing decision support system is the first set of power marketing system with independent intellectual property rights established and developed by Fujian Yili power group. The production of Fujian power marketing decision support system has made Fujian the first province in China to widely use the unified software of power marketing in the power supply units of the whole province

"one slogan" and "three basic points"

"meet customer needs, do well at one time" are the loud slogans put forward when Fujian electric power construction electric power marketing system. Fujian electric power is a super large state-owned power enterprise. In addition to its 17 departments, there are 33 directly affiliated units, 8 secondary units, and 18 joint ventures and joint ventures deemed directly under it. In addition to timely and effective communication between the internal departments of the company, there should also be communication at different levels between the company and its subordinate units, between the company and its subordinate secondary units, between the company and its associated units, between the company and its diversified business enterprises, and between the company and its entrusted power supply enterprises. Therefore, Fujian electric power adopts an advanced network management method - Fujian electric power marketing system, Through this network, various institutions are organically linked. After several years of development, Fujian power marketing system has gradually become the flagship of power system reform and power business process reengineering

in order to ensure that this will not become an empty talk, Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. cooperates with this slogan and puts forward three basic practices on its own business process: 1. Closed loop management; 2. Controllable re control; 3. Internal transfer and external transfer. This is the "one slogan" and "three basic points" popular in China's power industry

laizhengtian, general manager of Fujian Yili power, explained to, "Closed loop management and controllable re control are based on the two practices put forward by Fujian electric power. To really achieve these two points, we have another saying on the customer side: turn inside but not outside. That is to say, our business should be turned around by ourselves, not by the customer every time. As long as the customer comes once, everything can be done! To do all this, the marketing decision support system of Fujian electric power Have higher requirements. Based on this consideration, Fujian electric power decided to establish an information data center with a prefecture as the unit. "

how to successfully build this information data center? Based on previous experience and careful multi-party comparison, Fujian electric power made its first important decision: adopt EMC storage solutions, purchase EMC's ClARiiON fc4500, unify the data of local cities, and then gather the data together

why does Fujian electric power only choose EMC's ClARiiON fc4500 as the data center based on the prefecture and municipal level in the hands of cloud competitors

Mr. wuwenzhao, the technical director and marketing director of Fujian Yili power, seemed unusually calm about this problem. Wu Wenzhao told that Fujian electric power has gone through many detours in storage applications. Before using special network storage devices, they used disk cabinets to store relevant data. Most applications are to back up the data in the disk cabinets to the hard disk of the server. This so-called storage backup makes the data sharing between Fujian electric power institutions far from meeting the requirements, and the accuracy and timeliness of data can be restored and reused are not high! At a time of desperation, Fujian electric power is determined to force itself to consider this issue at the level of a data center through business process reengineering and power marketing reform

on the experimental machine of network storage device selection change, Fujian electric power is not plain sailing. At first, Fujian electric power chose the storage system of other suppliers, but after application, it was found that the equipment could not meet the needs of business growth. Therefore, when selecting the storage equipment for the data center of Fujian power marketing decision support system, Fujian power fully compared the products and services provided by various suppliers. Through continuous comparison and testing, I finally felt that EMC performed very well in terms of products and services, and Fujian electric power finally finalized EMC

Wu Wenzhao said that the reason why he chose EMC was mainly due to several considerations: first, the support of EMC and the special final performance of the product 369.5 made Fujian electric power confident. Second, its solution is humanized. Including some of its features and the supporting software provided in storage, "let's feel that we don't directly produce graphene at present. EMC really has its uniqueness. After our repeated comparison and selection, we finally chose EMC ClARiiON fc4500 as the storage device of the prefecture level data center of the power marketing system." Wu Wenzhao said, "When we choose products, what we consider most is to see which one is most suitable for me, which product can better meet our business, provide the best service for our system, and provide services for our information construction. These are some of our facility requirements. Moreover, from the perspective of application, since we use EMC products, we find that it is significantly improved compared with the original system! Especially EMC's cache (CACHE) is very large, which should be said to be the largest of its kind. Because of its large cache, it performs very significantly in terms of business performance. Because to be a computer and a memory is nothing more than to solve two problems. On the one hand, whether your data is safe, on the other hand, whether the speed is fast enough. For EMC, even if there is a general accident, the data will not be lost, which is done very well. The other is that the speed is very fast. If a manufacturer can do these two points, it will be impressive. "

Wu Wenzhao said: "Different users will use hardened steel for the support of the sample and the indenter to apply the load. Fujian power is no exception. For example, we have data transmission problems. An important feature of EMC fc4500 is the building block structure. When the capacity demand increases, the memory can be added to the array during operation. In this way, for the operators of Fujian power, The job of adding capacity to the server is simply a click of the mouse. "

this is the key factor for Fujian electric power to choose network storage products. "The power industry has very high requirements for data, which is more expensive for us than gold. Therefore, the requirements

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