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Shantui complete equipment construction was praised by customers in Northwest China

Shantui complete equipment construction was praised by customers in Northwest China

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it has a deep historical and cultural heritage, is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Banpo ruins and other scenic spots are famous at home and abroad, and has bred countless excellent Chinese people. As the saying goes, water and soil nourish people. Our hero Bai Zong comes from this fertile land in the northwest

influenced by the local cultural atmosphere, President Bai firmly believes that rolling up his sleeves and cheering up is the only way to succeed in entrepreneurship. After hard work, President Bai now has his own company, with more than 40 sets of complete sets of Shantui equipment. The spirit of not afraid to lose and daring to fight makes Mr. Bai do his business and projects all over the country and get unanimous praise in the industry

in 2012, President Bai was in the early stage of entrepreneurship, and his main business was subgrade engineering. Under his careful management, the engineering volume increased year by year, and the existing equipment could not meet the production. President Bai decided to purchase a batch of 22 ton single steel wheel rollers. Like most people, he made a mistake in choosing a brand. He visited many companies and still couldn't find an ideal brand. Through a friend's introduction, President Bai came to Shantui's local agency

according to the introduction of the business manager, President Bai learned that Shantui sr22ma single steel wheel has Shantui's patented new vibrating wheel, and has better structure and stability. The span between high and low exciting forces is large, which is convenient to customize the compaction scheme for Different Density specifications. In addition, the configuration of the whole vehicle adopts well-known brands of national machinery, with high configuration, high attendance rate, low fuel consumption and low maintenance cost, which made president Bai's heart beat and finally purchased five sets at one time. Since then, President Bai's business has become diversified, and the project has begun to be distributed all over the country, ushering in a new round of rapid development

2020 is destined to be an uneven and simple year. COVID-19 has pushed the pause button across the country. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the people of the whole country actively responded to the call of the state and participated in the fight against the epidemic. Spring came after the cold winter. After the epidemic was controlled, a wave of resumption of work followed. With the help of Shantui, President Bai was the first to resume work and production

in order to speed up the completion of key provincial projects to avoid potential safety hazards, President Bai purchased several sets of construction equipment for sd16 bulldozers, sr22ma rollers and sr26m-3 rollers at one time. Mr. Bai said: I want to praise Shantui's complete set of construction equipment. With multiple schemes, high efficiency and low maintenance cost, it not only creates more value for me, but also wins the unanimous praise of the owner. The success of my career cannot be separated from the help of Shantui. No matter now or in the future, Shantui has always been a solid partner in my career

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